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Real Estate Trustee & Management Consultant

About me

Decades of experience in international management and professional in the real estate sector.

Born in Bavarian Munich 1970, I have already lived in many places in this beautiful world. Perhaps I owe this fact to my special sight on things, my love for real estate, my affinity for the WWW and ability to define new paths. 

Moving in the mainstream can be boring and very often not successful - especially when it comes to creative concepts, developments or positioning.

The interchangeability of things is increasing, the long-term interest and thus the value is decreasing.

As a real estate trustee and management consultant with decades of experience and an equally long history of success, I am your professional competent contact for all values related to your company, real estate investments, refurbishments or other investment - whether you are an entrepreneur or a private individual - let's create tomorrow's values together today!

For the family man Alexander Layton the motto is: 

Family works. Grateful for my love Judit. 

Alexander A Layton 


Get in touch


Graben 12/ 1-3

1010 Vienna


+43 664 234 89 69



+1 (203) 99 88 697

My journey


Matriculation examination Meinhardinum/ Tirol (Austria) 

1990 - 1996

Managing Director, Niedermeyer GmbH, Vienna


Member of the Board, XXXLutz Group, Wels

Sales Manager Austria & Expansion Manager CEE


Establishment of "SUXXEZZ Development & Consulting" in Bratislava, Slovakia

2006 - 2017

Large scale developments, lease and management of tailor-made retail parks in Slovakia 

2018 - ongoing

Expansion of the FMZ formula to Croatia and Romania

Development of an internet shop (iPetzz) for dog accessories (DE & AT)

2021 - ongoing

various residential projects in Austria


Accompaniment an international participation in an Austrian startup

Exclusive cooperation with the Ukrainian architectural design studio PROSVIRIN for worldwide design projects (Folder DOWNLOAD)

Start of project developments in the USA (NYC and MIA)

Launch of an online shop for car parts and accessories for the German-speaking part of Europe

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